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Sheriff Donald E. Kramer

Donald E. Kramer​, Sheriff of Kane County
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Junior Deputy Program

​The Junior Deputy Program is a component of Sheriff Donald E. Kramer's community outreach initiative.  Junior Deputies, selected from East Aurora and West Aurora High Schools, participate in a ten-week multi-disciplinary law enforcement program.  Each of the Junior Deputies are instructed and mentored by Kane County Sheriff's Deputies, as well as justice system professionals.  During the course of the summer program, Junior Deputies develop skills in team leadership, interact one-on-one with law enforcement officers, and are exposed to a rewarding career in the military or law enforcement.

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Red Ribbon Campaign 2017

The Kane County Sheriff's Office is recognizing Red Ribbon Week during October 23 – 31, 2017. The red ribbon is a symbol of an intensive community campaign to raise awareness against and combat alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse in young adults across the country.  

The National Family Partnership (NFP) sponsors Red Ribbon Week, and their 2017 campaign theme is Your Future is Key, So Stay Drug Free. The theme was selected by the NFP from student submissions from across the country.  The 2017 theme helps educate today's youth on the serious nature that drug abuse has in the family and the community at large.  

During Red Ribbon Week, Kane County Sheriff's deputies assigned to the Your Future is Key, So Stay Drug Free​ program will educate and mentor school age children, that are active program participants, on the benefits of developing healthy, drug free, and, active life-styles.  Sheriff's Office deputies will wear and proudly display the Red Ribbon as a symbol of its zero tolerance commitment to drug abuse.     


Walk to School

The Kane County Sheriff's Office will be in villages and municipalities across the county to participate in Walk to School Day on Wednesday, October 10, 2018.  Schools, community health groups, and public safety all work together in order to develop safe school routes.  On this day, adult led groups encourage safe routes, safe passage to school, and healthy lifestyles.  This is a community-oriented event that reminds everyone about the benefits of walking to school, the need for safe routes, as well as driver awareness in and around school zones.

Drivers ~ be attentive, slow down, and use caution.  Let us each take these appropriate actions to ensure that children arrive and return safely from school.     

To learn more about this program, please visit http://www.walkbiketoschool.org/.​​​

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National Night Out​​

National Night Out is an annual nationwide event that inspires residents to become involved in the ​​community, get to know their neighbors and encourages crime ​​prevention through personal interaction with local law enforcement officers.  Tour our facilities, pick up crime prevention material, and learn about safety tips and techniques directly from your public safety officers.  NNO is not just for cities and municipalities –​ meet your extended neighbors in unincorporated Kane County.

We encourage all citizens in Kane County to join us from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., on Tuesday, ​
​August 7​​, 2018, for a rewarding and fun filled evening.  The Sheriff's Office will have special activities for children and end the evening with the departure of the Fli​ght for Life helicopter.  Food and drinks ​will be available throughout the event.​​​​​

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2017 National Night Out Flyer
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Request a Speaker for Your Next Event!

Speakers are available for your next meeting and can present material that is both fun and educational for the general public or highly technical.  The Sheriff's Office will select the most engaging and appropriate individual based on the information provided in the form below.  We do ask that the audience consist of at least fifteen to twenty participants.  Sheriff Donald E. Kramer ​and his staff are available to speak at ​​pre-approved events throughout the County.​​

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