Sergeant Korey Wallace
Warrants Sergeant

Warrants Division

The Warrants Division holds over 14,000 criminal and civil arrest warrants. In 2007, the Warrants Division entered and served over 9,000 warrants and our deputies traveled over 64,000 miles to bring criminals safely back to Kane County to face trial. The Warrants Division is always looking for ways to continually improve its service to the citizens of Kane County and is currently in the process of creating a most wanted list. We are excited about 2008 as we prepare to move to our new facility, we look forward to continuing our service to the citizens of Kane County.

Warrants Division carries out the following responsibilities:
  • Oversees the proper receipt, processing, filing, assignment, service and return of warrants and writs.
  • Possess and maintains Law Enforcement Agency Data System.
  • Maintains professional liaisons and working relationships both within and outside the Sheriff's Office as may be necessary to the successful operation of the Division.

Warrants division personnel are not able to confirm the status of your warrant over the phone. If you wish to determine if you have a warrant you should come to the Sheriff’s Department or any local police department and present a photo ID.