A Five Day Notice must be served upon your tenant(s) by you or the Sheriff's Office, (applicable fees)

The Five Day Notice may be purchased at most office supply stores. Two copies of Five Day Notice will be completed. One to serve and the other, Notarized for your records. The date and time of service of the five day notice must be documented.

After waiting five days without payment by your tenant(s) take your notarized copy of Five Day Notice to the:

Kane County Circuit Clerks Office
540 S. Randall Rd.
St. Charles

For applicable fees the Clerks office will issue a summons and complaint with a court date.

After receiving the summons and complaint bring same to the:

Kane County Sheriff’s Office
Civil Division
37W755 IL Route 38, Ste. A
St. Charles, Illinois 60175-7557

Summons and complaint will be served to your tenants(s). (applicable fees by Sheriff).

Before your court date see Sheriff / Civil Division for a Proof of Service of summons and complaint. Bring this Proof of service to court with all your documentation as to your case. After Judge hears your case, if successful, you will be issued an Order of Possession. Bring this order to the Sheriff / Civil with embossed seal from Clerk.

The Sheriff's Office will then schedule the Eviction. (applicable fees by Sheriff)