If you are interested in bidding on any of the properties, you will need to register to bid before the sales start. If you do not register to bid you will not be eligible to bid. When you do register to bid, you must show 10% of the amount of the judgment in certified funds. If you purchase the property you will have 24 hours to come up with the remaining balance. Failure to come up with the remaining balance within the 24-hour period will result in a forfeiture of your down payment or your 10%.

It is also the responsibility of the bidder to check the court file to verify all information. The successful purchaser has the sole responsibility and expense of any kind of taxes, liens or evictions without representation as to the quality of the title and without recourse to the Kane County Sheriff’s Office. The sale is also further subject to confirmation by this court.

All sales are held at :

Kane County Judicial Center
37W777 Route 38
St. Charles, Illinois 60175
Room JC100 at 9:00 A.M.

Anyone with questions regarding these sales can get more information by contacting the Civil Division at (630) 208-2013 or sending an e-mail to foreclosures@co.kane.il.us.

Foreclosure Sales Properites List - Posted 04/20/2014

Download printable list of foreclosure sale properties here

04/24/2014 13CH1379 13SCH3105 1314 FOX MEADOW COURT St Charles $203,967.52
04/24/2014 09CH4035 13SCH3726 1046 LOGAN AVENUE Elgin $326,613.38
04/24/2014 13CH2057 13SCH3765 605 EAST VICTORIA CIRCLE North Aurora $137,305.91
04/24/2014 13CH2074 13SCH3876 2316 BRENTWOOD AVENUE Montgomery $128,638.25
04/24/2014 13CH1997 13SCH3887 825 HIGH STREET Aurora $140,140.31
04/24/2014 13CH2088 13SCH3945 1207 PARKVIEW DRIVE Elgin $250,245.94
04/24/2014 13CH1582 13SCH3949 3530 BLUE RIDGE COURT Carpentersville $12,583.82
04/24/2014 11CH3061 13SCH4004 2017 ORCHARD LANE Carpentersville $235,069.84
04/24/2014 11CH2622 13SCH4005 523 SOUTH VAN BUREN STREET Batavia $203,318.53
04/24/2014 10CH1684 14SCH026 403 GARFIELD AVENUE Aurora $176,487.42
04/24/2014 12CH4314 14SCH029 338 SHARON LANE North Aurora $248,897.44
04/24/2014 12CH3907 14SCH048 1111 CHIPPEWA CIRCLE Carpentersville $229,269.39
04/24/2014 13CH1468 14SCH056 4N264 PIN OAK LANE Maple Park $413,684.86
04/24/2014 09CH5094 14SCH090 1337 DEERPATH CIRCLE Aurora $329,989.85
04/24/2014 13CH153 14SCH091 272 MCCLURE AVENUE Elgin $161,299.99
04/24/2014 06CH406 14SCH108 1510 PATTERSON AVENUE North Aurora $297,624.18
04/24/2014 13CH298 14SCH124 523 APACHE AVENUE Carpentersville $137,078.92
04/24/2014 13CH1225 14SCH125 706 SARD AVENUE Aurora $141,352.81
04/24/2014 13CH1070 14SCH126 611 JUNGLES AVENUE Aurora $144,979.58
04/24/2014 13CH1357 14SCH127 315 EAST READER STREET Elburn $189,253.64

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