Roscoe EbeyLate in the night of May 29, 2007 Aurora Township resident Leslie Fleming heard a commotion outside his home. He awoke and saw a light on at his neighbor's house. Mr. Fleming walked over to his neighbor's house and saw someone inside. Mr. Flemming reached through a basement window and pulled the man outside and held him down until Sheriff's Deputies arrived. Unfortunately deputies discovered that Mr. Fleming's 83 year old neighbor, Roscoe Ebey had been murdered in his bedroom.

Mr. Ebey was a decorated World War II military veteran and a popular member of his neighborhood. In honor of Mr. Ebey, Sheriff Perez created the Kane County Sheriff's Office Citizen of the Year Award. It was only fitting that Mr. Leslie Fleming was the first recipient of this award. It was the selfless actions of Mr. Fleming that led to the capture of the person who was charged in the murder of Mr. Ebey. Mr. Flemming never thought of himself as a hero; he was just doing what neighbors do for each other.

Throughout the year, the sheriff encourages citizens to nominate one of their own for being proactive and making a difference in their community. When citizens are willing to make a commitment to step forward and make a difference in their communities everyone benefits. It is with this in mind that the sheriff wants to formally recognize those persons who truly make a difference.

Roscoe Ebey Award Recipients

2013 - Lorraine Stahl
2013 - Christine Propheter
2013 - Lea Minalga
2012 - Clayton Muhammad
2011 - Cole Rutter
2010 - Dawn Vogelsberg
2010 - Pat Graceffa
2010 - Emily Laughead
2009 - Darlene Marcusson
2009 - Sarah Giachino
2009 - Kathy Tobusch
2008 - Fr. David Engbarth
2007 - Leslie Fleming