​​​​​​​​​​​​Administration Division

Administration – Responsible for management, planning, and budgeting within the Sheriff's Office.   Additionally, the Administration Division acts as the custodian of personnel records.

FOIA Officer – Serves as the Freedom of Information Act Officer (FOIA) for the Kane County Sheriff's Office.

Freedom of Information Act - FOIA​

FOIA Request Form

Records – Responsible for all of records management within the Sheriff's Office. ​

Training –​ Assists the Public Safety Division with new employee recruiting and background investigations.

Complaint Form

Commend an Officer/Recognition Form

​Internal Affairs – The primary responsibility of the Internal Affairs Division is to ensure the integrity of the Sheriff's Office.  The Internal Affairs Division is responsible for receiving and investigating complaints made against employees of the Sheriff's Office.  The Kane County Sheriff's Office is committed to the professional law enforcement services that we provide; and, all complaints s​hall be thoroughly investigated.  Please contact Lt. Eric Fisher regarding the Internal Affairs Program.​