​​​​Detainee Mail Regulations

Detainees at Kane County Adult Justice Center are allowed to send and receive an unlimited amount of letters through the United States Postal Service.  In order to send mail to a Detainee, include their legal name, as well as their Detainee ID Number.  This information can be located using the Detainee Search feature.

Detainee Search

Mailing Address for Detainees:
Detainee's Full Name and Detainee ID Number
Kane County Adult Justice Center
37W755 Illinois Route 38
Suite B
St. Charles, Illinois 60175

Mail Restrictions

Mail items containing glitter, lipstick, electronic music devices, adhesives (glue or tape), may be returned to the sender.  Mail items will not be denied based on the item containing staples. 

Detainees are not allowed to receive the following items:

  • Return address stickers;
  • Large packages;
  • Cardboard envelopes with bubble wrap;
  • Blank cards, paper, envelopes, or stationary; and,
  • Unused stamps.

Money Orders

Money orders sent through the mail to the Kane County Adult Justice Center are accepted and deposited in the Detainee Fund Account.  Money orders must be in submitted in increments of Fifty Dollars ($50.00) or less.  Money orders of Fifty One Dollars ($51.00) or more will not be accepted. Money orders must be completed in full. Include the Detainee's legal name and Detainee ID Number, as well as the sender's signature and information.  Personal checks are not accepted.


Detainees may receive up to five (5) pictures and/or photographs per envelope.  Detainees are not allowed to receive the following items.

  • Polaroid pictures.
  • Pictures that contain hand signs.
  • Pictures containing gang references.
  • Pictures containing any nudity.

Pictures that contain any illegal activity shall be forwarded to law enforcement for investigation.

All photographs must be sent from a residential address.

Photographs delivered directly from printing companies such as Shutterfly, Freeprints, or other internet photograph printing companies will not be allowed. ​


Detainees are allowed to receive books and/or other media as shown below.

  • Up to two (2) books per shipment.
  • Books must be shipped from a known book distributor.
  • Used books are not allowed.
  • Amazon.com is not an authorized shipper and/or purveyor.
  • No Hard covered books and/or string binding.
  • No Bookmarks, strings, and/or ribbons are allowed.
  • Subscriptions to newspapers and/or magazines (also known as media) are allowed.
    • All media will be inspected for appropriateness prior to delivery.
    • Any media found to be unacceptable will be destroyed. 
    • Glue is the only acceptable media binding.
    • All media must meet the same standards for acceptability as outlined for Pictures.

All mail shall be opened and inspected for appropriate content and contraband.  Items deemed inappropriate or contraband shall not be allowed.  At the discretion of the Kane County Adult Justice Center, mail items may be photocopied and/or reproduced.  Mail containing information or materials related to illegal activity shall be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agency for investigation.