​​Alarm Permit System and Registration


The Kane County Sheriff's Office has been responding to a growing number of false alarms over a number of years.  Between the years of 2013 and 2015, officers responded to approximately 3,900 burglar alarms. 

Our office wishes to work together with community-minded people in order to achieve a higher number of registered alarm users, which helps to reduce response times and provides the officer with valuable information upon arrival.  The Sheriff's Office program plan is to reduce the total number of false alarms, save time spent responding to unwarranted calls, and create a positive impact on police productivity.  The 2016 Alarm System Ordinance was recently updated and passed by the Kane County Board.  The purpose of the restated Ordinance is to bring the policy into compliance with current technology standards and costs.  The Kane County Alarm System Ordinance can be located here in its entirety.​

Alarm Permit Registration​​

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Kane County Sheriff's Office
Attn:  Alarm Administrator
37W755 Illinois Route 38​​, Suite A
St. Charles, Illinois 60175​

Ordinance Highlights

  • No Person shall use an Alarm System without first obtaining an Alarm P​ermit from the Kane County Sheriff's Office.
  • Alarm System Users located within unincorporated Kane County are required to obtain an Alarm System Permit and Register their Alarm System with the Kane County Sheriff's Office.
  • Permits are valid from the date of issuance to January 1.
  • Permit Renewal is required on January 1 of each calendar year.
  • Permit(s) are not transferable and Permit Fees are not prorated.
  • Permits must remain onsite.
  • Alarm Users are allowed two (2) False Alarms in one calendar year before a Fine is imposed.
  • The Alarm Fees and/or Fines Schedule is located in Section 5 of the Ordinance.


Tips for Reducing False Alarms

A properly registered and maintained alarm system may protect your family, residence, and/or business from unwarranted danger.  However, consistent and routine false alarms remove officers from productive policing; and, may increase emergency response time to other areas of the county. 

There are many causes for false alarms.  Below are some tips for homeowners and/or businesses to reduce false alarms.

  • Obtain a system maintenance agreement from your alarm company and schedule a yearly service checkup.
  • Know both your passcode and password.
  • Ensure that family members, employees, and individuals needing to access the property know how to operate the alarm system.  Should the alarm system be activated make sure that all individuals with approved access to the residence and/or business have the proper credentials when contacting the alarm company.
  • Keep alarm sensors free of dust, insects, or interference from window treatments.  Moving objects such as balloons or rodents may also trigger a false alarm.
  • Doors and windows should close and seal tightly in order to prevent false alarms.

​Contact the Alarm Office

For questions pertaining to the Alarm Permit program and/or registering your Alarm System, please contact a service coordinator at the Kane County Sheriff's Office.

Telephone: 630-232.6840
Fax: 630-513-6984
Email: SHFAlarm@co.kane.il.us​​​