​​​​​Freedom of Information Act –​ FOIA​

Ashley Kosinski, Office Manager
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer
630-208-2021 Office
630-513-6984 Fax​

Freedom of Information Act – The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a state statute that provides the public the right to access government documents and records.  The foundation behind FOIA is that public entities, like the ​Kane County Sheriff's Office, operate on an open and transparent level.  ​

For additional details regarding the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and your rights as they pertain to the Illinois State Statute – please visit the State of Illinois Attorney General Website.​​​

How to Submit a FOIA ​— The law provides for media, commercial businesses, and/or individuals to request ​documents and/or records via any one of the methods listed below.  Please be as specific as possible when describing the records that are to be requested.

Online FOIA Form


If using Email – include your name, preferred telephone number(s), and complete United States Postal Mail address.

Fax:  630-513-6984

​If using Fax – include your name, preferred telephone number(s), and complete United States Postal Mail address​

​​​United States Postal Mail

Kane County Sheriff's Office
Attn: FOIA Officer
37W755 Illinois Route 38, Suite A
St. Charles, Illinois 60175

In Person (Monday through Friday)

Between the Hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Kane County Sheriff's Office
Attn: FOIA Officer
37W755 Illinois Route 38, Suite A
St. Charles, Illinois 60175
(Excluding Court Appointed Holidays)​

FOIA Response and Time Frame — The FOIA Officer shall evaluate the submittal upon receipt of the request, as well as create and send a response to the requestor within five (5) business days. 

Disclosure and Denials
— The Kane County Sheriff’s Office is the records manager and may be exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and other applicable laws in certain situations, as well as may elect to redact exempt information.  Should your request be denied for any reason, the response shall cite the specific reason for the denial and provide the details on how submit a request for review.  A request for review must be submitted within sixty (60) calendar days of the denial of the FOIA Request.

— There is no fee for the first fifty (50) pages of black and white, letter or legal sized copies.  The Kane County Sheriff’s Office requires a fee of fifteen cents (.15) per page for each page of a request that is more than fifty (50) pages.  The requestor must submit the fee prior to and/or before the Office will release the requested copies. 

Overview of the Kane County Sheriff’s Office
 — The Office of Sheriff is mandated by the Illinois Constitution for a term of up to four (4) years.  Sheriff Donald E. Kramer, was given the Oath of Office by the former Chief Judge Judith Brawka on December 1, 2014. 

The Sheriff’s Office provides the following functions and it should be noted — this list is not intended to be comprehensive.  For a comprehensive list of functions conducted by the Office – select the Divisions Tab of this Website​.  Deputies’ patrol 522 square miles, 365 day-a-year, and are committed to the safety of Kane County residents.  The Investigations Division handles detailed crimes and major cases. The Corrections Division, maintains the operation of the Kane County Adult Justice Center.  The Civil/Warrants Division processes evictions, summons, writs, and warrants on a daily basis.  This Division also conducts the Sheriff’s Foreclosure Sale on a weekly basis.  The Court Security Division is responsible for the security of all courthouses located within Kane County.

— The Kane County Board passed the 2017 Fiscal Budget for the Kane County Sheriff’s Office as follows: 

     ​​​Public Safety​​ ​ $11,854,764​
​     Corrections  ​$15,476​,068
     ​Revenue  ​$2,242,500

​ ​
Staffing​ — The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for proving a safe community environment and secure court houses for the residents of Kane County.  Currently, the Sheriff’s Office has a total of 286 full-time (FTE) employees.  This number is comprised of 244 Sworn Officers and 42 Civilians who are responsible for the daily mandated and non-mandated operations of the Kane County Sheriff’s Office.  ​