​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Detainee Services

​Detainee Visitation​

Detainees are encouraged to receive family, clergy, attorneys, and other entities that provide care as visitors.  The jail reception desk is located on the ground level of 37W755 Illinois Route 38 in St. Charles, Illinois, 60175.  All visits shall take place utilizing the Kane County Adult Justice Center's video visitation system.  Please be aware that each visit is monitored and recorded.  For more information on visitation and scheduling an appointment, select Visiting.


Detainee Mail Service​​

Detainees are allowed to send and receive an unlimited amount of mail through the United States Postal Service.  All items sent to and from Detainees a​re inspected by the Kane County Sheriff's Office staff.  To address mail to a Detainee include the following information:

Inmate Name and ID Number
Kane County Adult Justice Center
37W755 Illinois Route 38
Suite B
St. Charles, Illinois 60175

For a complete set of rules pertaining to Detainee Mail, please select Detainee Mail.

Detainee Mail Rules

​Detainee Telephone Service

Detainees at the Kane County Adult Justice Center may have access to a telephone to contact family, friends, and their attorney.  The use of the telephone is a privilege and not a right.  Detainees' use of the telephone is dependent upon their classification.  Each telephone call is recorded and the date, time, and telephone number called is captured in the event harassment of a witness or victim takes place.  An announcement is heard by both parties prior to the phone call being connected.  Detainees are allowed to make either collect only telephone calls, telephone calls using a pre-paid calling card which is purchased through the Detainee Commissary system, or by depositing funds on an account with the telephone vendor.

The telephone system is handled through an outside vendor.  The County of Kane utilizes a competitive bids process to provide this service.  The current telephone provider is ICSolutions.   ICSolutions can be contacted in one of the following methods:

PrePaid Customer Support
Toll Free: (888) 506-8407
Email: customer@ICSolutions.com

Video Visitation Support

Toll Free: (888) 646-9437
Email: customer@ICSolutions.com

Online Account (create account or login)

Website: www.icsolutions.com

To learn more, please visit the links below:

ICSolutions website
Pamphlet English | Spanish

Telephone numbers can be blocked from being called by a Detainee by contacting the Director of Corrections.

Detainee Commissary Service

The facility operates a commissary or "general store" type of service.  The commissary allows Detainees to purchase basic need items such as personal hygiene items, writing items, over the counter healthcare products, and/or food. Personal care items may be ordered for Detainees by visiting ICare.

The Commissary services are provided by an outside vendor.  The County of Kane competitively bids these services.  The current purveyor of Commissary services is Aramark.

Detainee Banking Services (Detainee Funds)

The Kane County Adult Justice Center maintains an account for every Detainee.  The Detainee may use this account to purchase items from Commissary, co-pays for medical services, and/or to apply to their bond.  Money can be placed in a Detainee account via telephone, online, or in person at the correctional facility.

Prior starting the process users will need a "Facility Locator Number" for our facility.  That number is 260101.  It is also important to have the Detainee ID number, which can be found through the Detainee Search feature.

Detainee Search

  • In person – Kiosks are located in the lobby area of the jail and are available twenty-four (24) hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year.  To make a deposit, enter cash, credit, or debit cards in the kiosk.
  • Telephone - Please call 1-866-232-1899 and follow the prompts to complete a deposit.
  • Internet – Please visit the TouchPay portal.

– Money orders may be sent to Detainees through the mail.  Money orders must be sent in increments of Fifty Dollars ($50.00) or less.  No money orders for more than Fifty Dollars ($50.00) shall be accepted.  For a complete list of rules and procedures regarding mail and money orders, select the FAQ Tab.  Upon their release or transfer to another facility, all monies remaining on a Detainee Funds Account will be issued to the Detainee.  The remaining balance is issued in the form of a debit card.  Information on the debit card provider can be found at, Numi Financial, or they can be reached at, 1-800-284-1990.  Service representatives at the Kane County Adult Justice Center cannot release information regarding the amount of money on a Detainee Funds Account to anyone but the Detainee.


Detainee Food Service

The Kane County Adult Justice Center must, without exception, serve each Detainee three (3) balanced meals each day.  That totals approximately 1,095 meals a year for each Detainee.  Meals are provided by an outside vendor.  In order to provide this service, competitive bids are sought by the Kane County Purchasing Department and a contract is approved by the Kane County Board.  The current purveyor is Aramark.

Detainee Programs

The Kane County Adult Justice Center offers a variety of Detainee outreach programs, which may include, but are not limited to the following areas.

Work Programs – The Kane County Adult Justice Center maintains different types of work programs that include in-house work details, community service, and work release.

Religious/Spiritual Programs​ – The Kane County Adult Justice Center offers a wide range of religious services to meet the needs of all Detainees.

Parenting Classes – The Kane County Adult Justice Center offers parenting classes for mothers and fathers at various times.

Substance Abuse and Awareness Programs –​ The Kane County Adult Justice Center may offer substance abuse and awareness classes.  This may include Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.), Cocaine Anonymous (C.A.), and other programs.

Not all Detainees are eligible for all programs.  For safety and security reasons the facility may limit a Detainees' access to certain programs.  Participation in Detainee programs is strictly voluntary.  No Detainee is forced to participate in any program.  Most of the programs offered at the Kane County Adult Justice Center are offered by volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering please select the Volunteer Opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities

Library Services

General Library – The Kane County Adult Justice Center provides reading materials to Detainees.

Law Library – Detainees have access to State mandated resources.  They are also able to communicate and request information from the Kane County Law Library and Self Help Legal Center.

Donations –​ If you are interested in donating items such as books or media to the detainee library at the Kane County Adult Justice Center, please visit Donations.